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Green Salad served with secret sauce


  • Versatile Delight: Perfect as a starter or a light, healthy meal for those seeking a flavorful salad option.
  • Swan’s Signature: Renowned for its freshness and the tantalizing secret sauce, Swan Cloud Kitchen’s Bistro Fresh Green Salad is a culinary gem among salad lovers.
  • Crisp Elegance: Swan Cloud Kitchen’s Bistro Fresh Green Salad is a vibrant medley of crisp, garden-fresh greens, exuding elegance in every bite.
  • Secret Sauce Infusion: Served with a secret sauce that enhances the salad’s flavors, adding a touch of mystery to its deliciousness.
  • Freshness Redefined: A combination of seasonal greens and veggies, promising a refreshing and nutritious dining experience.


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